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Archana Puran Singh Reveals How Kapil Sharma Will Make Her And Sidhu Ji Enemies.

The Kapil Sharma Show is rumoured to be going off-air next month. The show is going on a break until normalcy returns.

Kapil Sharma revealed that The Kapil Sharma Show is going to be off-air as his wife, Ginni Chatrath is expecting a baby. He admits that it is the reason behind taking a break from the show . “Because I need be there at home with my wife to welcome our second baby,” tweeted the comedian when a user asked about his show going off-air.

The Kapil Sharma Show channel was always there to entertain its fans. As always, there were a lot of jokes cracked by the host as well as the cast members. But the one that leaves us in splits is always about Navjot Singh Sidhu and Archana in Kapil Sharma Show. There remained yet another incident and you dare not miss out on it! Read on for all the scoop.

Gracing the couch, were reel villains of Bollywood – Bindu, Ranjeet and Gulshan Grover. They all reminisced their old times on the big screen. Amidst other things, Gulshan recalled the time when he along with some big celebrities was touring in various cities. He revealed it was Archana who hosted the show in New York.

Ranjeet reveals that he never ate non-veg or smoke and directors would jokingly say that he should not have been a villain. He adds, “I wouldn’t do such things in real life hence fulfilled them by becoming the bad guy on screen.”

Ranjeet shares that the late Sunil Dutt wanted him to serve the country and join politics. He replied saying, “People don’t listen to me inside the house, what will outsiders listen?” Kapil says in 1974, Ranjeet acted in 15 films and Bindu in 16; In 1975, Ranjeet 11 and Bindu 14 film; In 1977, Ranjeet worked in 15 and Bindu in 16; and in 1978, Ranjeet 17 and Bindu worked in 20 films. Kapil congratulates them and asks if they were competing with each other. Bindu and Ranjeet say that the distributors would ask producers to take them and hence they kept doing one film after another.

Recalling those old memories, Gulshan Grover laughed about how he saw Parmeet Sethi running behind Archana Puran Singh the whole time. He had the actress’ script, water bottle and a pen in his hand. To this, Archana was quick to respond that she was training him for the husband’s title!

However, things took a funny turn when Ranjeet revealed that he saw an interview where Navjot Singh Sidhu was praising Kapil Sharma. To this, Archana Puran Singh responded, “They have a mutual admiration club.”

Kapil being Kapil joked that one should not praise Sidhu in front of Archana in Kapil Sharma Show. The actress was quick to interrupt and add, “I have never been friends with Sidhu because we have never met… but Kapil will surely make us enemies by trying to create a rift.”

Krushna Abhishek comes dressed as Amitabh Bachchan and Chandan Prabhakar as Shakaal. They argue about who Bindu belongs to.

Gulshan gives his signed book to everyone on the set, which is his autobiography “The Bad Man”.

Well, we would surely like to witness Archana Puran Singh vs. Navjot Singh Sidhu on The Kapil Sharma Show Channel someday. What about y’all?

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