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Latest Awesome Technologies of 2019 That Will Blow Your Mind!

2019 has a lot of surprises up its sleeve for you. Whether in entertainment, jobs, or technology. Here we list 7 amazing upcoming technologies for you-

1. Rolling TV

LG announced the Signature Series OLED TV R, which is going to debut this year. The idea behind the concept is to keep your room tidy when the TV is not being used. It simply rolls up and fits into a cabinet. When you would need to use it again, it simply rolls open again! It will only be available in the 65 inch format, and the price hasn’t been announced yet.

2. A Mood-Adjusting Lamp, Synced with Alexa

The lamp would change it’s colour and light, according to the mood you are in. You can input your voice commands through Alexa. This lamp is called

3. Virtual Reality Hasn’t Taken a Back Seat, or Has It?

The technology by Audi is still in its prototype phase. In this, the people in the backseat of the car can enjoy virtual reality games like the Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run – which puts one to space.

4. Oven-Cum-Cooking Instructor

Instead of taking instructions from the people on the time, temperature and programming and implementing them, the ovens of this year would instruct humans on how to cook the food using Connected Hub Wall Oven Concept. Families can connect through it as well, to know that who would come home for dinner.

5. Toothbrush That Cleans in 10 Seconds

Interestingly, this coming of age Y-Brush looks like a mouth guard, but it isn’t. The device has angled nylon brushes, and cleans super fast using sonic vibrations.

6. Laptop with Fixed Webcam Problem

This is the new ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392FN. The notch is above the laptop display, so that Skype calls look normal, but apps still have the advantage of the edge-to-edge display.

7. Wall Covering TV

Coming with a gigantic 219-inch model, Samsung is introducing a TV in 2019 which takes up the entire wall!

From rolling TVs to TVs which literally become walls, technology is going to see a lot of advancements in the visual entertainment arena.

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