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Planning To Watch Some Comedy, We Got You Covered With The Funniest Movies Of All Time

Laughter is the best medicine. We all know this but usually forget to smile and relish good times just because we are all time busy in our stuffs. Laughter increases our blood too. But to laugh is not easy, it is not that sitting idle or doing something makes you laugh. Yeah, Television is the real source of entertainment where we can watch movies that make us laugh. Here we go with the all-time funniest movies.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

One of the funniest movies of all time where comedy doesn’t end and which has been set in the Middle Ages, taking away the sources that stale with time. Monty Python can only do ”Morons on a mission” better than others. Bunny a cruel and poor-tempered rodent exists in the story. Six knights bend symmetrically behind a large rock, carefully looking out at the devil that becomes a bunny.

A group reaches across the Bridge of Death, where they are to reply to a few questions to get the opportunities. The first Knight is easy for the troll as compared to the query i.e .who is the capital of Assyria? What is the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow? being the third query and so on…

Airplane 1980

Around 40 years past Airplane 1980 was produced at a cost of approximately $3.5 million is one of the funniest films ever. The audience gets tired of laughing watching this movie but the movie doesn’t stop making you giggle. To entertain the public, the jokes that have been used in the movie are too good. It becomes difficult to catch your breath when it comes to laughter. The funniest part is the problem in the cockpit to which, Ted Striker asked what it was, depicting it being a small room for the pilot to sit.

The Naked Gun 1988

It is a big-screen comedy film of a police squad. The unusual gang of Nielsen, Ed Williams, Priscilla Presley, and OJ Simpson. The squad makes the audience laugh to the fullest. No one knows why the show was canceled after a few episodes, though it is the fun forever. Nielson plays the role of a perfect idiot supporting the main play. The baseball game in the film becomes the funniest 15 minutes in the history of the cinema.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 1989

This movie revolves around the disaster the movie had created. In the movie, Clark’s elderly uncle puts a tree on fire using a long and thin cigar making Clark angry to which he is forced to chop his evergreen front lawn which breaks the neighbor’s window when it falls.A squirrel jumps out of it creating huge laughter. Movies of such type can never fade.

Room 2003

The Room bad is one of the funniest movie ever experienced, written and directed Tommy Wiseau at an expense of millions of his money in producing and releasing it. The main character of the film has cancer. It is also based on studying human behavior. The audience is made to think if Wiseau is known to human behavior when the love scenes become part of the movie.

Superbad 2007

Seth Rogan’s comedy is to be remembered while discussing the funniest of all movies. The movie solves many twists that are plotted taking into account the humor. The movie shows how difficult it was to arrange alcohol in a high school graduation party where the tension arises among the two characters from different colleges. The movie is a combination of heartwarming and side-splitting that are rarely seen in a comedy film.

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Written by Minky Chawla


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