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NASA Replied To A 9 Year Old’s Job Application Is The Cutest Thing On Internet Today.

Do you remember what you wanted to become when you were 9 years old? What used to be your reply when your primary school teacher asked you “What will you become when you grow up?”. Well, mostly kids would reply the most standard replies, “I want to be a Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer”

A few years ago though, NASA had a job opening for Planetary Protection Officer. This largely inspired a 9 year old, New Jersey resident to apply for the post and become the savior for our planet Earth.

The job description for Planetary Protection Officer, which by the way has a six-figure salary is to save the Earth from extraterrestrial microbes contained in samples brought back from the expeditions taken to the moon, space or Mars.

Jack Davis’ letter was by far, one of the most unique letter that NASA received.

Jack wrote, “My name is Jack Davis and I would like to apply for the planetary protection officer job. I may be nine, but I think I would be fit for the job. One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien also I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see. I have also seen the show Marvel Agents of Shield and hope to see the movie Men in Black. And I am great at video games, I am also young, so I can learn to think like an Alien.”

This letter created a storm on the internet after the family friend of the child posted it on Reddit. The netizens were extremely inspired the 9-year-old’s gesture.

When the letter finally reached the space agency, Dr. James L Green, Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, wrote a perfect response on Twitter: “It’s about protecting Earth from tiny microbes when we bring back samples from the Moon, asteroids, and Mars. It’s also about protecting other planets and moons from our germs as we responsibly explore the Solar System.”

Planetary Research Director at NASA, Mr. Jonathan Rall also called up Jack and spoke to him about his interests and aspirations to become a scientist. NASA has encouraged Jack to study hard so that he can become a real life “Guardian of the Galaxy” someday.

Green wrote: “We are always looking for bright future scientists and engineers to help us. I hope you will study hard and do well in school. We hope to see you here at NASA one of these days!”

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