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Noticing Hair Fall, Try These Home Remedies Before Its Too Late

Nowadays skin and hair trouble is affecting all of us due to excessive pollution and stress in everyone’s life-be it kids, teenagers, or adults. The main problem that is seen in the hair is hair loss or hair thinning as we grow. But one cannot let it happen as it is necessary to control it. We have come up with a few remedies hoping it would solve your purpose.

Six things to be done to reduce the hair loss

1.Clean Your Diet

Protein Rich Diet

Proteins build our tissues- be it skin or hair. One must intake a proper amount of proteins in the diet like eggs, milk, and fish. You can also opt for Omega-3 fatty acids that are available in fish like salmon and nuts like groundnuts. Vitamins C and E is also good for your hair which is available in ample quantity in berries and almonds.

2.Consult your Doctor

It is not normal if you face hair problems at a young age. This can be the result of Hormonal Imbalance , stress , thyroid or anemia. So as soon as you notice , consult the doctor immediately. Prevention is better than cure” do not forget!

3. Stop Bad Habits

If you are not drinking enough water daily or not getting required hours of sleep or going out too much in Sun – definitely it will result in hair loss or damage. So you have to break a few bad habits to have a healthy scalp and hair. One should not even smoke. If you do, try to quit. This can only maximize your hair and strengthen the growth of your hair

4. Regular Exercise

It has been noticed that people think if they exercise, it sweats and becomes mandatory to wash the hair daily with the shampoos that contain chemicals. But one shouldn’t forget that if you sweat steadily it promotes the hair growth as the blood circulates with a tremendous speed in the scalp and also flushes the oil and dirt out of the scalp. So regular exercise is helpful to relieve stress and keeps oneself healthy and strong.

5. Show Kindness To Your Hair

Hair problems affect the volume and quality of our hair. Our hair becomes dry and break out. So it is important how you treat your hair. One must not use hair tools often and if you have to use them,use them at low heat. Avoid doing color to your hair as the hair strands break and become dry too. Use serums to give strength to your hair. Do not comb unnecessarily or get then straighten to keep the hair strong.

6. Try Supplements

Collagen Supplements can promote your hair growth and make them healthy. Collagen has amino acids that our body needs to build keratin, which adds protein to the hair. It also acts as an antioxidant preventing graying and aging of the hair. Important hair supplements also boost volume in the hair.

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Written by Minky Chawla


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