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5 Ways to Earn Money From the Internet With the Comfort of Your Home

How to earn money online, sitting at Home?

Wondering yourself  earning money online from home is what almost everyone dreams of nowadays .

So if you are one of them (Obviously you are that’s why you landed up here)  then this post is a full guide for  to actually help you make bucks online and save you from so  called “Make Money Online Without Investments ” scams . With the Internet spreading around the globe “How to make money online” has become the most searched terms no matter from which country you are , what’s your age or profession . It is obvious that everyone like you would like to find if there is a way to make money that too in the comfort of your home . What you need is some great ideas , talent and skill nothing else really matters . You will be your own boss (believe me , many of my friends even make 5 figure income monthly in freshmen year itself ) .

So why are we wasting time ? Are you ready to begin the money making machine ? I can read the “YESSS” in your mind . So let’s get to the point and discuss some methods which can really help you make money .

Earn Money from Blogging


Blogging is a profession which can give you the best of luxury you can imagine with the comfort of your home . Resources around the Internet make it easy for you to setup , start and even make small figures to upto huge revenues from your blog

Steps to Start a Blog :

  1. Deciding the niche for your blog.
  2. Selecting a blog platform : Free or Paid
  3. Buying a domain name and a reliable hosting plan for your online blogging business
  4. Posting unique content and updating your blog on regular basis. You need to get a lot of traffic to generate a lot of revenue by ad networks .

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Now when it comes to making money out of your blog the best ad networks are

  1. Google Adsense – It is the best and the most preferred ad network to generate money from your blog .
  2. Cuelinks
  3. Infolinks
  5. Adcash



Freelancing is the best way to earn money online for the skill and strengths you have  . Being a freelancer can make life more easy and meaningful for you . Firstly you can work from anywhere and you are your own boss . Secondly you are free from the daily office politics .But make sure “Freelancing is a serious Business” and take it as a business and make sure to satisfy your clients always and build good relations with them to get good returns in future 😉

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Here are 10 Top websites by which you can make money online by freelancing .

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. People Per Hour
  4. Guru
  5. Elance
  6. 99Designs
  7. Project4Hire
  8. GetACoder
  9. SimplyHired
  10. DemandMedia

Affiliate Marketing 


Affiliate marketing is the best choice if you want to make  huge figures online promoting products of a company and earning commissions from it . After Adsense, Affiliate marketing is the best strategy if you have a great idea of a blogging niche for the promotion of affiliate products . Do read “Boost Your Sales And Traffic : A Quick Guide On Competitor Analysis ” to increase your traffic and revenue .

Here are few Affiliates , you can start earning money with – 

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  2. Flipkart Affiliate
  3. omg network
  5. cuelinks

Selling products at online Outlets like eBay 


The dramatic growth of users on sites like Ebay and Amazon has made many make a lot of profits selling their products on these outlets . It’s a simple yet business that demands smartwork . If you want to make cash out of selling products then find the products you think has potential of selling and then find the place from where you can find it cheapest . Once you get a lot of orders and popularity on your listing on ebay then grab the products in bulk , sell them and make huge profits .You can read about amazing ads ideas “How many of these amazing advertisement’s have you seen in real?” , to get inspired. We will be happy to see you making a lot of cash !



During these few years , Youtube has emerged as one of the most popular video sharing platform and the best part is you can also start a youtube channel and make  money from it by uploading videos that people will like and you can generate money from your views and ads that your subscribers will see in between of your videos .

So these were the most popular and used money making techniques that we shared with you .Stay tuned for more such money making ideas and methods 😉

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We missed something ? Please mention your views and suggestions in comment box below 🙂

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