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10 Times Customers Hilariously Trolled Flipkart On Twitter.

[Disclaimer : We love flipkart, and have no intention to defame any company here. This post represents and is a collection of witty comments and trolls made on twitter and doesn’t represent either Author or Website view in any way.]

Flipkart is a well known e-commerce website mostly known for it’s super fast delivery. Most of the time, the customers receive their package delivered with smile.

But we have seen cases , where people have got really pissed off, with delivery service of E-commerce companies. We are sure, this happens in every company, mistake happens which are sometimes impossible to prevent as many steps are involved when it comes for an order to get delivered to you. The examples of these errors are as bad as ordering a brand new iPhone from the website, but receiving a Rs. 20 soap bar, devastating, isn’t it?

Whenever we place an order on any e-commerce website, we are eager for it to arrive at our doorstep. When the order is correct and the customer is satisfied, its a kind of happy emotions involved. But when the order is wrong and as wrong as the examples we stated above, we are usually disappointed and shocked.

But these mishaps rarely happen, the retailers always try their best to provide us with their best services and make sure the correct product reaches us. And if the mishaps happen, the websites gladly accept their mistake and always replace the items within numbered days. But how many mistakes are you willing to forgive?

I am sure, a minor mishap is understood. But receiving a soap bar instead of an iPhone is something really serious. Between all these mistakes, a few customers never hold back and are the first ones to jump onto Twitter and poke fun on Flipkart. We have compiled the best ones here, just for you!

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