15 Facts About Surgical Strikes 2016 by Indian Army You’ll be Shocked to Know

It was a revolution under the regime of Narendra Modi that India initiated a hostile comeback to teach Pakistan a lesson, after all the times that our country had remained silent after Pakistan’s small bouts of terror here and there, just to avoid any probable full-blown war.

1. ‘Uri’ movie is just the tip of the iceberg

The Govt. would never allow any movie to showcase all the details to any covert operation to the public for obvious security reasons.

Uri Surgical strikes the movie

2. The strikes were carried out by the Indian Army’s Para Special Forces regiment.

About surgical strike

3. The actual names of the Major who was awarded the Kirti Chakra, and the soldiers in the operation will never be known.

It’s possible that Vicky Kaushal’s character of Major Vihan Shergill was based on this Major, who was at the time the second-in-command 2IC of his Para SF regiment.

surgical strike facts

4. The surgical strike consisted of 3 teams.

surgical strikes in Pakistan

5. There were 19 men each in the 3 teams.

Surgical Strike day

6. All the 3 teams crossed the LoC at 3 different locations, one of which was Uri.

Uri Attack Border Surgical Strike

7. All the teams of the surgical strike were trained as a single unit in winter 2015.

This was done to foster the required bond between the soldiers of the teams.

Surgical strike by Indian Army

8. Only the highest authorities of the country knew of the plan.

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The names included Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, NSA Ajit Doval, the then Army chief General Dalbir Singh, then vice Chief of Staff Lt Gen Bipin Rawat, the then Northern Army commander Lt Gen DS Hooda, the then Chinar Corps commander Lt Gen Satish Dua, the then White Knight Corps commander Lt Gen RR Nimborhkar, the two Colonels whose Para SF men went for the kill, and a handful of top military commanders.

surgical strike secrets

9. PM Modi didn’t give the impression that something was up.

Just like the previous prime ministers, he replied to the usual diplomatic way when it was questioned that what India was planning to do in response to Pakistan’s actions.

surgical strike Narendra Modi

10. 80 terrorists died in the attack on seven terror launch pads.

Surgical Strike Uri

11. Only one soldier was slightly injured and no one was left behind.

One of the many reasons why the Indian political establishment is proud of this mission.

Surgical Strike attack

12. The Major and his men took the longer route on their way back, fooling the Pakistani soldiers waiting for them on the shorter route.

Surgical Strike details

13. The only single injury that happened was due to a landmine.

Even after firing rocket launchers, mortars, and sniper rounds, the Pakistani troops couldn’t harm any Indian jawan.

Pakistan Army Surgical Strike

14. All the Para SF crossed over the LoC at 4.30 am, 36 hours after they had left for their historic mission.

Para Special Force Surgical Strike

15. The entire operation was monitored from Army HQ in Delhi, at the Northern Command HQ in Udhampur, and at Nagrota and Srinagar, the HQs of White Knight and Chinar Corps, respectively.

ds hooda surgical strike

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