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Know about 6 Brilliant Steps Taken By Indian Prime Minister, That’s Helping India Fight Coronavirus.

All over the world, people are scared. Worried about their family members , responsibilities, health and economy. Yes, we are dealing with the Corona Virus around the globe and every country is working hard to ensure proper health care, the safety of their citizen. You can read what worlds top countries are doing to prevent corona virus here.

India is one such country that recently got affected by this deadly virus with a current count of people exceeding over 470 at the time of writing this article. What makes India unique here in this situation is its population where most of the population is from the Rural Area. But, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of Indian citizens. In this article, we will discuss about such steps Mr. Modi has taken to counter coronavirus.

Official Website to Aware People of The Current Situation.

As we can see in the above picture, the Indian government official website is transparent about the current situation with its People. By almost in real-time updates this site lets Indians be aware and take necessary steps to keep themself safe.

Evacuation Of Indian Citizens From Different Countries.

Steps taken by the Indian Government to evacuate their citizens from corona affected countries is commendable. In its rescue mission, India had brought back around 218 people, including 211 Indian students from Milan. They are already in talks with more countries like Israel, Malaysia, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, Peru, and Afghanistan to evacuate their citizens.

Extension of Visa For Foreigners:

India has offered an extension of visa to other national people who got stuck in India because of travel ban across globe. An Indian Offical Said: “Regular visa, e-visa or stay stipulation of all foreign nationals which have expired or would be expiring during the period from March 13 (midnight) to April 15 (midnight) would be extended till midnight of April 14 on ‘Gratis’ basis after making online application by the foreigner,” the home ministry had said in a notification. “Exit of such foreign nationals, if so requested by them during this period, will be granted without levy of overstay penalty,”.

Regularly Motivation People in a Situation of Sorrow.

With constant tweets, social presence and live speeches Mr. Prime Minister has successfully been able to keep Indians motivated in a situation of sorrow. With brilliant ideas like clapping and singing for people who are putting their every effort to cure people affected by a coronavirus , Mr. Modi has once again proved he is the most loved Man of India. His idea of Janta Curfew has helped people understand the situation deeply and inherit patience in them.

Effective Lockdowns Across Country

India is a country with Huge Population, and effectively lockdown of cities, towns and even villages is no easy task. But Mr. Modi again has proved that nothing is impossible. He has made sure people even at the time of lockdowns would get foods and all basic necessities. At the time of lockdowns, the economy is the most affected area but India has taken all steps to ensure people get to Work From Home which gives them peace of mind eventually helps in not stopping the growing economy of India. As of now while writing this article, all public transports, luxurious shops, malls, food joints, and theatre are instructed to remain closed.

Aggressive Screening, Better Facilities For Quarantine

India being a hot tourist spot and Indians working abroad in a huge number makes it of utmost importance to have a proper screening at all entry areas. With Concepts like a badge of self-quarantine, highly effective screening devices at all airports India is making sure, no more virus comes inside from the outer world. Sealing borders is one fast step that the Indian government has taken successfully able to limit the spread of the virus to at least 50%.

When people need help at this stage, the government is leaving no stone unturned. With 1000s of hospitals treating coronavirus symptoms, the government has asked private hospitals to reserve beds for the patients. Top-notch Isolation wards, highly educated doctors giving their day and night to help people recover. Helpline numbers, sealing of places aggressively when a patient is tested positive are additional steps taken by the govt.

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