Only You Can See Your Phone Screen:Invisible Screen

A Turkish inventor invented Invisible Screen to hide all your information from others.This inventor is from Diyarbakir. He Found a new way to hide all the information on your Smartphones using a special invisible screen. This will help you to read or write anything. You can hide all your private and personal data. Also you can Hide your messages, chats and emails on your smartphone.

Check Todays Technology Invisible Screen of Phone 

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Checking private messeges,chats,view images,videos and Emails on your smartphone in Public is not safe sometime. You never know who is viewing your private data,messeges,images and emails. This is one of the most Serious topic and annoying reason that we always face in public or while in public transportation.

Inventor Builds Invisible Phone Screen That Only You Can See

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Today,You are goint to see that something really astonishing. And I bet that you will really get shock after reading this. Many of you must be thinking that what i am talking about what will give you shock. Lets check what is going to shock you today.

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What ever you will read,write or view something it will be only for your can’t belive this but check below so you also get knowledge about this all new concept.

 In just some time A Turkish inventor Celal Gorger from Diyarbakir Invented a unique way to keep secerets all your informations. That you trying to hide from others or you don’t want that someone else see or view that your particular things.
The Turkish inventor found  ‘invisible iPhone’. Which IPhone having ‘Invisible Screen’. He plans to name it C.COGER I. Basically,the display glows white while the iphone is in use,and you need a Special set of Glasses to check what contents are appearing on your IPhone.

If this Turkish invantor will get good funding so his plan is to take project further and he wants to install “ON/OFF” switch on the phone which means that the user can decide whether to Activate the function or not. The Turkish Inventor is exited for his Project.

 Next This Turkish Inventor MR.Celal Goger planned to Build a nanochip variant of his invention which can be get adjust in any smartphone easily. But up till now there is no clearance of Price no one knows the real cost of this  ” Invisible Screen “.

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