12 Best April Fool’s Jokes Of Season, You can try on your Friends

April Fool

So the day has come and finally, people who have waited a whole year for this are ready to take revenge of what happened to them last April Fool and there are some who just want to have some fun with their friends.

We have 12 best ideas on how you can fool your friends on the special occasion of April Fool.

Dirty Diaper

It never gets old, a little classic but it gets the job done. Just put some chocolate or peanut butter in the diaper and then there are multiple things you can do from it. From tasting it in front of your friends to throwing it on them, it’s just fun all over.

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Patience Glass

Another thing you can do to irritate your friends is to put a glass upside down with water inside on their table and then see how they figure out to remove the glass without spilling all the water on their table. To do this you need to fill a glass with water and then put cardboard on top of it before turning it upside down.

Sticky Everywhere

Here you can put glue in the hand sanitizers of your friends and let them observe the horror when they’ll figure about why the substance on their hands is not evaporating.

Drinks but No Drinks

Here you can put some jelly along with straws in glass and offer it to your friends. See them embarrass when the straws will get them nowhere, you can offer them spoons afterward, if you want to look kind, otherwise let them figure out a way to eat it.

No End in Sight

You can’t imagine something funnier than someone battling a toilet role trying to find its end. So just put hair spray on the end of a toilet paper and leave it for war.

No Control over Remote Control

Another classic prank to fool your family, just put tape over your TV sensor and let them change the cells and battle with remove before eventually breaking it.

Embarrassing Tattoo

Get a weird sticker tattoo and put it on the neck or arm of anyone you love, they might go to their workplace or market without noticing. Imagine how much embarrassment they’ll face when they will get to know about it.

Cell Phone

You can make your friend’s life miserable by changing the language on their cell phone.

Wallpaper Drama

You can put a wallpaper on your family computer saying ‘VIRUS’ or anything like that to make their lives miserable as they will imagine as if a real virus as affected their PC.

A Car Full Of Happiness

If you can find a way to get if the car of anyone, just fill the car with colorful balloons, either you’re going to light up their day or you guys won’t be talking for a month or so.

Milk Gone Wrong

Just add food color in the milk bottle in your fridge and let your family worry about the rest, who might think as the milk has gone sore.


This is the ultimate classic trick, you just have to balance a cup of water on a partially open door and wait for someone to open it.

What do you think?

Written by Iftakhar Sheikh

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