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6 mysterious secrets about females body everyone should know.

Scientists have made a serious progress in understanding the female reproductive system . Childbearing is one of the most fascinating feature a women body have. There are so many things which can make a women body remarkable.

1. They have good immune system as compared to men

It is said that women have good immune system as compared to men because of the childbearing nature of women and taking care of their offsprings. As it is said that women live longer than man due to the fact that their body can fight infections in a great way as compared to men. Researchers are not sure why but they say because women plays a big role in giving birth.

2. They have a sharp memory

Women can read facial features instantly as compared to men. Men take more time to recognize and remember people, places, dates etc. Women unconsciously spend more time in reading facial features.

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3. They live longer than men biologically

They have more chances to survive traumatic injuries. This is because of the higher levels of femal sex hormones in women. Researches said that women who arrived hospitals having traumatic injuries likely to survive as compared to men.

4. They have a greater flexibility

Women muscles and tendons contains more elastin, the protein which gives our muscles, organs and skin the ability to stretch . Their lower spines are structurally different from men as they are framed to accommodate the load of baby for 9 months. Uterus of women when not in use is a small organ but during pregnancy it can stretch a lot.

5. The pH of vagina is so acidic

The pH is acidic down there. It is measured to be 4.5 on pH scale ( 7 is for neutral) . It is as acidic as beer and tomatoes. This acidic level can help to prevent the vagina from nasty microorganisms to colonize at that place.

6. They have different cardigan rhythms

Women have different cardigan rhythms than men. Ever wondered why women wake up earlier before rest of the family? In a research it is found that women’s body clocks follow a more easterly time zone. Women also needs 20 minutes more sleep than men.

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